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Achievement medals
Collect 10 Strawberry Cakes
Collect 10 Apple Pies
Collect 10 Donuts
Collect 10 Cupcakes
Collect 10 Gingerbread Men
Collect 10 Chocolate Rolls
Collect 10 Cakes
Level 25
100 Enemies Destroyed
Drive 1 Kilometer
Score 850
25 Pointer
24 Pointer
23 Pointer
22 Pointer
Game Completed
5 In A Row
Collect Bonus Letters
Break 1000 Bricks
Break 100 Bricks
Level 20
Level 15
Level 10
Really Close Call
Close Call
Level 5
291 points
27 medals
Recently played games
Guide a rat through a maze and avoid the walls and traps.
85 points
Spin a square with colored sides to catch all blocks!
115 points
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