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Medal Games is a site that offers you an increasing amount of games that allow you to earn achievement medals. Try to unlock as much as you can and rise on the rankings! Most of the games on this site are quick time waster with as extra incentive some shiny medals to earn.


This site was started in 2013 using only games built using the Flash player. After a couple of years with a nice collection of games, browsers stopped using the Flash player which eventually died out, making the site unusable. In early 2022 we decided to revive the site and add a new collection of games that are supported both on PC and mobile devices. We did manage to recreate some of our old games, but decided to mainly focus on new games. Currently we're still adding features and games to the site to make sure there's something to play for everyone.


If you need some help, check out the frequently asked questions or send us a message through our support page. Ideas on how to improve our site are always welcome as we're actively working on creating a nice community.