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Ski Rush

Collect as much flags as you can in this downhill skiing game. The slope is covered with trees and other obstacles so be careful!

Use the mouse to move left or right, try to grab the yellow flags as you keep going faster and faster.

Medals: 5
Points: 75
Rating: Not rated yet

0 / 5Medals

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achievement10 Flags
10 Flags
5 points
Collect 10 flags in a single run.
achievement20 Flags
20 Flags
10 points
Collect 20 flags in a single run.
achievement30 Flags
30 Flags
15 points
Collect 30 flags in a single run.
achievement40 Flags
40 Flags
20 points
Collect 40 flags in a single run.
achievement50 Flags
50 Flags
25 points
Collect 50 flags in a single run.

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