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American Football Kicks

In this arcade American Football game your goal is to score as much points as possible during 5 levels. For every level you get 5 shots, time them right for the best score.

Timing is the key to success in this sports game, click at the right time to set the horizontal aim and vertical aim of the football player's shot. There are only a couple of achievements available but they're not that easy to unlock!

Medals: 5
Points: 65
Rating: Not rated yet

0 / 5Medals

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5 points
Kick the ball into the green zone.
achievementSuper Level!
Super Level!
15 points
Kick all 5 balls into the green zone during one level.
5 points
Score at least 6.000 points during the game.
15 points
Score at least 8.000 points during the game.
25 points
Score at least 10.000 points during the game.

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