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Black Hole Solitaire

Drop your cards in the black hole while playing a space themed card game. Clear the playing field in a game that's either pretty easy or incredibly hard to complete, depending on the difficulty level you play at.

Click cards that are either one higher or one lower in value from the card in the black hole. Try to clear out the entire sky to complete the level. On easy mode, you can move cards to the empty spots you create when you've cleared a stack. On hard mode, you're all on your own.

Tip: Don't change directions from counting down to counting up (or vice versa) too often or you won't be able to complete the level!

Medals: 4
Points: 55
Rating: 5.00 - 2 votes

0 / 4Medals

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achievementEasy Start
Easy Start
5 points
Complete a single level on easy difficulty.
achievementEasy Run
Easy Run
10 points
Complete 3 levels in a row on easy difficulty.
achievementHard Start
Hard Start
15 points
Complete a single level on hard difficulty.
achievementHard Run
Hard Run
25 points
Complete 3 levels in a row on hard difficulty.

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