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Flower Pop

Clean up the falling flowers by popping them in groups of three in this physics based match 3 game. Unlock power-ups to help you keep the playing field as empty as possible.

Click groups of 3 or more flowers to pop them and prevent the game field from filling up.

Medals: 10
Points: 150
Rating: 3.00 - 1 vote

0 / 10Medals

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achievement5 Flowers
5 Flowers
5 points
Unlock 5 different flower types.
achievement6 Flowers
6 Flowers
10 points
Unlock 6 different flower types.
achievement7 Flowers
7 Flowers
15 points
Unlock 7 different flower types.
achievement8 Flowers
8 Flowers
20 points
Unlock 8 different flower types.
achievement9 Flowers
9 Flowers
25 points
Unlock 9 different flower types.
achievement10 Combo
10 Combo
5 points
Match 10 or more flowers with one click.
achievement20 Combo
20 Combo
10 points
Match 20 or more flowers with one click.
achievement30 Combo
30 Combo
15 points
Match 30 or more flowers with one click.
achievement40 Combo
40 Combo
20 points
Match 40 or more flowers with one click.
achievement50 Combo
50 Combo
25 points
Match 50 or more flowers with one click.

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