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21 Solitaire

This variation of the classic card game black jack offers multiple game modes. You can either play solo and try to get the best score possible, or play against a dealer and try to earn some imaginary money by placing some strategic bets.

The goal of the game is to get a stack of cards with a value of 21 or a value that's as close to 21 as possible. In casino mode you have to worry about a dealer as well, try to beat the dealer's score without going over 21 to earn money from your bets.

The Ace is worth either 1 or 11 points, the King, Queen and Jack are worth 10 points each.

Medals: 12
Points: 165
Rating: 4.00 - 1 vote

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achievementMy First 21
My First 21
5 points
Get a hand of cards worth exactly 21 points.
achievementFive-Card Charlie
Five-Card Charlie
10 points
Achieve a five card hand with a value no more than 21.
achievementBlack Jack
Black Jack
15 points
Get 21 points with the ace of spades and a black jack (clubs or spades).
achievementDevil's Hand
Devil's Hand
10 points
Get 3 sixes in one hand.
achievementPerfect Pairs
Perfect Pairs
10 points
Your first 2 cards have the same suit and value.
achievementMore Than Lucky
More Than Lucky
10 points
Double your starting cash at one point during the game in Casino mode.
achievementLots of Luck!
Lots of Luck!
20 points
Double your starting cash at one point during the game in Casino Extreme mode.
achievementWinning Streak
Winning Streak
10 points
Beat the dealer in 3 consecutive levels.
achievementDominating Streak
Dominating Streak
25 points
Beat the dealer in 5 consecutive levels.
achievementLucky Ladies
Lucky Ladies
25 points
Get two Queens of Hearts as your initial two cards.
10 points
Get three cards with the same suit.
15 points
Get three numbered cards in sequence.

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