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Sophie The Slug

Help Sophie reach the exit of 80 puzzle mazes that keep increasing in difficulty. On your way you'll find blocks that either help you or obstruct your path to the exit. Use crates, jelly blocks, direction blocks, portals and more to your advantage in this retro game. The first few levels may seem quite easy, but after a while you'll really find yourself puzzling your way through the exit in levels that may seem impossible to solve at first.

Use the arrow keys to move or swipe in the direction you want to move to. Sophie only stops moving when you hit a wall. To restart a level, press the restart button or R while playing. Use the space bar as a shortcut to skip the level complete menu. If you have trouble solving a level you can skip it by going back to the menu and try another level.

Medals: 5
Points: 60
Rating: 5.00 - 2 votes

0 / 5Medals

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achievementGolden Apple
Golden Apple
10 points
Find and pick the golden apple.
achievementComplete 20
Complete 20
5 points
Complete a total of 20 levels.
achievementComplete 40
Complete 40
10 points
Complete a total of 40 levels.
achievementComplete 60
Complete 60
15 points
Complete a total of 60 levels.
achievementComplete 80
Complete 80
20 points
Complete all 80 levels.

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